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Our Key Solutions

HCMatrix is a human capital management system integrated, cloud-based solution that is amazingly easy to use, affordable, easy to deploy and ideal for large corporations and SME’s.
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Bid Automate is a bid management system that automates and oversees the entire bidding process from internal requisition to external bid invitations and submissions, panel review, and completion certificates for an organization.
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HCMatrix Recruit was developed by Snapnet Nigeria Limited because of the strong desire to make the recruitment process transparent with a real emphasis on the overall quality of hire and the hiring process.
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Empower Your Employees To Do More

Technology continues to evolve and so do workforce expectations. But now you can easily shift your HCM approach from dated and ineffective to modern and relevant. It’s possible and affordable to deliver remarkable experiences to the workforce and significant results to the organization with a complete HCM solution.

You can start optimizing your workforce and expanding talent potential to achieve better business results with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology. HCMatrix™ makes it easy for you to buy, deploy, use, and maintain the most advanced and reliable HR technology.

  • Core Administrative HR
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Talent Acquisition & Onboarding
  • Payroll and Finance
  • Training and Development
  • Goal and Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • People Analytics
  • Self-Service
  • Executive Dashboard



Get The Perfect Match For The Job!

HCMatrix Recruit is a Nigerian product, developed in Nigeria by Snapnet Nigeria Limited It was developed because of the strong desire to make the recruitment process not only more measured but more defined and transparent with a real emphasis on the overall quality of hire and the hiring process. we are really focused on helping Recruiters and Hiring Managers collaborate better to improve Candidate and Process Quality.

We want to be the first company who really delve in and properly measure Hiring Quality. Lots of work has been done on a cost per hire and time to hire and we feel like Hiring Quality has been left behind – well, by everyone except us!

  • Talent Pool
  • Job Posting
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Resume Viewer/Keyword Filter
  • Applicant Self-Service
  • Application Duplication Detection
  • Computer Based Test/E-interviews
  • Productive Workflow
  • Executive Dashboard
HC Matrix Recruit
Bid Automate


Automate Bid Processes from Start to Finish

Bid Management has been a manual process in about 80% of organizations in Nigeria. From requisitions to requests for proposals, vendor selection, and bid review, it has been a process of several bound documents and files moving from one examiner to the other. There has been a need for change as

  • Manual bid processes are slow and prone to human error
  • The vendor selection process and subsequent search are difficult in manual systems
  • It is difficult to certify the transparency of the bid process.


BidAutomate is a bid management solution that fully automates the bid process from start to finish. BidAutomate is a cloud based solution that can be accessed remotely and securely, and provides a database for vendor registration and subsequent search.

With Bid automate you can

  • Automate documentation of bid processes.
  • Ensure bid transparency through role-based access.
  • Track all bid progress & status.
  • Setup a bid evaluation team, evaluation criteria and metrics.
  • Access bid library/history.
  • View Evaluation reports

Let’s show you how you can optimize your bid process.

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