Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Snapnet's ERP team has the in-depth product knowledge, skill, method and experience needed to successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV for your business and industry, especially for distribution for automotive parts and electronics, manufacturing for automotive parts and electronics, for logistics like 3rd party logistics, forwarding and warehousing, for travel and tour.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics Navision (or Dynamics NAV now Business Central) gives small and midsize businesses like yours complete control over your core business processes, the precision to perfect your supply chain, and the insight that employees need to perform at their best. It also offers great support for; multi-national companies, multi-site companies, and multi-language requirements. It is a favorite business application for companies looking for a solution that can be easily customized to meet more unique business requirements.

Here's Why You Need Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

You have worked hard to build a vision for your business. With Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, you can turn that vision into reality with a solution that gives you control over and visibility into what’s going on in your business, and the ability to make smart decisions that impact your margins and improve your cash flow—ultimately driving your business growth. You can also make a seamless transition from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central with our expert assistance. Our team at Snapnet ensures a smooth migration process, transferring your data, customizations, and integrations. Unlock the enhanced capabilities of Business Central, empowering your business with modern features and improved efficiency. Trust us to guide you through this transition and maximize your business’s potential.

Financial Management

Efficiently manage bookkeeping and inventory, Simplify cash flow management, Control fixed assets, Process bank reconciliations and collections, Work with multiple currencies, locations, legal entities, or companies.


Boost efficiency of production orders, Improve supply planning, Stay agile and respond quickly to customer demands, Manage capacity requirements planning more effectively.

Supply Chain Management

Tailor approval work flow processes, Manage inventory, Improve your responsiveness
Pursue new market opportunities, Work more efficiently with partners.


Manage budgets, Create custom reports using step-by-step wizards, Create custom reports using step-by-step wizards, Look for trends and relationships, Increase collaboration and share knowledge.

Sales and Marketing

Manage customer and sales data, Create marketing campaigns, Organize service resources, Forecast and track parts consumption, Manage contracts and service agreements.

Human Resource Management

Attach comments to employee records, Track absences, Generate reports, Equip employees with familiar tools, Remember birthdays and celebrations.

Project Management

Budget for costs and time, Automate billings, Track resource costs and usage, Plan capacity, Predict availability.

Service Management

Manage customer calls and queries, Track support tickets, Allocate resources, Create reports, Carry out asset management.

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