Get AI-powered Insights from your meeting with Meeting Insights
meeting insights

Get AI-powered Insights from your meeting with Meeting Insights

Meetings – they can be the bane of your existence or a wellspring of productivity. But let’s be honest, most fall somewhere in between. We waste time scrambling for information, struggle to stay focused, and leave wondering what the next steps actually are. 

With Audiocodes Meeting Insights, your AI-powered secret weapon for conquering every meeting. This innovative feature, available within Meeting Insights, uses artificial intelligence to transform meetings from time-sucks to strategic triumphs. 

How Does Meeting Insights Help? 

Meeting Insights operates like your own personal meeting assistant, supporting you throughout the entire process: 

  • Pre-Meeting Power Up: No more scrambling to remember what this meeting’s about! Meeting Insights analyzes your emails and shared documents to surface relevant information beforehand. Get summaries of attendees, their roles, and key topics for discussion, ensuring you’re well-prepared to hit the ground running. 
  • Stay Focused During Meetings: Focus on the conversation, not frantically taking notes. Meeting Insights can transcribe the meeting in real-time (depending on settings), allowing you to easily reference details later. 
  • Capture Key Decisions and Action Items: Meetings can be a whirlwind of ideas. Meeting Insights helps capture the essence: key points, decisions made, and action items assigned. This ensures everyone is clear on next steps and accountability is established. 
  • Effortless Post-Meeting Follow-Up: No more scrambling to piece together notes from scribbled napkins. Meeting Insights generates summaries with key takeaways, links to relevant documents and recordings (if enabled), and even suggests follow-up tasks for attendees. 

Benefits Beyond Measure: 

Meeting Insights isn’t just about convenience; it unlocks real benefits for your team: 

  • Increased Meeting Efficiency: No more wasted time searching for information or summarizing discussions. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Meeting Insights fosters a shared understanding of key points and next steps. 
  • Improved Productivity: Streamlined post-meeting actions free up valuable time for everyone involved. 
  • Better Decision-Making: Meeting Insights helps capture crucial details that might otherwise be lost. 

Peace of Mind with Privacy: 

Meeting Insights understands the importance of data privacy. It utilizes techniques like weak supervision and self-supervised learning to ensure your data is protected. Machine learning models are trained without ever directly accessing user content. 

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